Incorporate These Defining Elements To Make Your Home Look Like Hampton Style

Styling a house in a new way or building a new house means you have to choose a proper style. Now, there are many styles to choose from and a definite style that is gaining popularity with each day and is really beautiful is Hampton style home.

Hampton is an Australian beach city with plenty of sunlight and wind. The homes in this city have a certain design and feel that is really a part of the sea beach locality. It makes use of the beach mode, light and air. So, these homes have a certain flavor and style. There are some specific designs that are integral parts of Hampton style houses and reputed custom home builders.


Cabinetry is really an important part of our house. These are designed and used to contain all our things. These hampton style homes Surfers Paradise have cabinetry styled in a certain way. Even, these parts of a home carry the style. These are called shaker style cabinetry. This type of cabinetry is simple, durable and functional. It can be incorporated in vanities, laundry, furniture and kitchen. A few things can enhance the Hampton style. The handles of the cabinetry can be chosen from either shell handle or a brass knob that is antique looking.

Hampton style houses include the natural things and colours. You can choose wooden floor and the staircase can be made of white risers and timber treads. These natural items bring a certain taste to the whole house.


Colour is very important in Hampton style. White is the dominant color in this style; you can opt for neutral tones, shades of grey and white for the bench tops. Hampton style is not ornamental rather it is defined by stylish finishes.

The windows:

Even, windows are specifically styled in Hampton homes. As Hampton is a beach city, there is plenty of sunlight and air. Homes make use of this natural light. The windows are well positioned and big enough to let natural light enter the house. The broad frames are painted white to complete the look.

The exterior shape:

A Hampton styled house has quite a few angles to look at. It is a multifaceted design. There is extensive verandah that offers shape and shade. The columns come with plinth base. The look of the house is such that it ages gracefully and looks great even after years.
The details of a Hampton style house are unique. There are a playoff shapes and shades giving the house a particular look.