How To Get Your House Ready For New Year

The glorious year that brought so many moments of joy and laughter to our lives is about to finish. A brand new year shines in the distance with its promise of new beginnings. While you are busy making New Year resolutions, you must also go about cleaning your precious abode so that it is ready to welcome the fresh start! The article below gives some tips and suggestions that will help you.

A year is a very long period and throughout its course junk of all manners gets accumulated within the rooms of our precious abodes. Before the New Year dawns, take time to go through all the rooms of your house and thoroughly and clean the house. Remove items that you no longer need or love. Be ruthless when you are going about this task! Don’t hold on to items that you think you may need in a distant day in the future. If you don’t love it, throw it away. All your rooms will breathe in new life this way.

Thoroughly clean the house
Once you have discarded all items that you don’t need or love, you will have to clean the rooms in full. Hire a professional to do carpet cleaning Western Suburbs, dust and clean all surfaces, change all bed linen and wash all the bathrooms. Rooms that have not been used for long especially will need to be aired thoroughly too.

Christmas and New Year is a time you host many parties generally so it will never do to have visitors in a house that looks messy. You can also do a thorough couch cleaning to ensure your living room looks super neat and clean too. Especially if you have pets who are allowed on the sofa, you will have to do this. Hire professional cleaners to get the task done. You really don’t have to do everything by yourself.

Give your house a fresh coat of paint
You need to paint your house at least once a year to make it look new and beautiful throughout the year. At least the exterior walls need to be painted over. If you have painted the house in white, this will become a necessity. This will surely cost you quite a lot of money, but do it anyway, because if you don’t the house will look shabby and ugly.

Make your garden pretty
Your garden deserves some TLC when the year draws to a close too! Get some pretty potted plants, remove all weeds from the lawn and if you wish, hang some pretty fairy lights in the yard so it will be ready to welcome the New Year in style!